March 12, 2008

More monogram, less food

Here's a "funny" story that encapsulates and illustrates the so-called "Masstige" ~trend and how Maslow's pyramid in today's society should start from the top to the base:

"In September 2005, following the worst natural disaster in American history, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) began distributing $2,000 debit cards to Hurricane Katrina’s neediest victims. The cards carried a note saying they were not to be used for alcohol, tobacco, or firearms. But the cards said nothing about $800 monogrammed handbags. 'We’ve seen three of the cards,' an employee of a Louis Vuitton store near Atlanta, Georgia, told the New York Daily News soon after the cards were issued."

Read the article here:
"The delicate balancing act of luxury for the masses".

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iAm said...

People are seduced by images of status and money. Money buys membership in society. You may not have not have money to pay the bills, but you have Vuitton bag, you exist, people look at you.