December 22, 2006

"Co-creation rules!"

About the new participatory and co-creative culture between consumers and brands:

"Marketing 1.0 treats customers as objects of communication: marketing is done to them. In co-creation, everyone is a subject - an initiator of action, a creator - and your brand, and your promotions, are the objects everyone gets to play with."

Why spend time, energy and tons of money on market reports, focus groups and consumer insights studies, when more than ever brands just need to supply the consumers with the right tools and ask them to get emotionally involved in the shapping of the brand, rather than just telling them to buy the brand.

[Source: Change This]


Anonymous said...

excellent post, so true.
consumers need to be engaged emotionally, and made to feel like they have some sort of connection to the brand or product - to help them justify its purchase or them defending it when a competitor comes along.

ps. you have been tagged!

tic-tac said...

To me Converse Gallery is still one of the finest and best examples of the "do it yourself Mr. customer" web 2.0 biz.

i-you rules said...

"Yes, you. You control the Information Age. Welcome to your world.",9171,1569514,00.html?aid=434&from=o&to=http%3A//