December 21, 2006

The influence of POMO thinking

The influence of Jean-François Lyotard, Rolland Barthes and Michel Foucault in the practice of "modern marketing":

"Modern marketing has consciously co-opted the tools of post-modern discourse to sell more stuff. Brands such as Nike explicitly adopt rebellious attitudes in their advertising campaigns. Thus capitalism employs the critique that was designed to destroy it."

[Source: Economist]


Anonymous said...

or we use the society of the spectacle to make it vomit :) g. debord

naked chef said...

"Militant marketing": Apple, Virgin, Nike, etc. Don't you just love anti-conventional brands,those that make you feel you're challenging the establishment. Indeed I love the irony of this article. I consume anti-consumerism everyday withe same brands I use and wear.

Anonymous said...

iros a la mierda