May 15, 2004


New trends in Fast Food

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"Kitchen Fresh Chicken"?
Will consumers believe in this new brand identity?

"Of course we will, if we hear it enough as it blares from our televisions. Branding is at times a delicate alchemy. And at other times it's just spending lots of money. (Like when KFC tried to convince us fried chicken was a health food.) You hammer away at us with your insultingly wrongheaded message until our resistance wears down and we throw up our hands and we accede that yes, we suppose this chicken does come from a "kitchen" of sorts and, OK, by some tortured definition it could possibly be referred to as "fresh."

Click on image.McDonald's with swedish "flavour"
"McDonalds is experimenting with contemporary, homey stores with played down golden arch logos and Swedish furniture."
"This restaurant, designed by freelance designer Lucy Powers, plays down the traditional McDonald?s red and yellow livery in favour of a broad, sub-Paul Smith stripe in a retro brown. The furniture is also retro, Scandinavian-inspired modernist-lite, all dark timber with upholstered stools in bright colours. The diversity of seating and the colours on the floor are trying hard to provide a differentiated experience in what is a very small space. You can sit on a high stool by the window chatting on your mobile phone while sipping a coffee, you can lounge with your paper in one of the low chairs, or eat at one of the rather attractive Corian tables."

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