May 15, 2004

Diet Coke Unveils 'Effervescent' New Ad Campaign

"It's a Diet Coke thing" - Kate Beckinsale and Adrien Brody are featured in Diet Coke television ads slated to hit the air this month. The campaign also includes print, radio and Internet. All the new ads include the tagline, "It's a Diet Coke thing."
The Diet Coke portfolio in the U.S. now includes Diet Coke, introduced in 1982; Caffeine-Free Diet Coke (1983); Diet Cherry Coke (1985); Diet Coke with Lemon (2001); Diet Vanilla Coke (2002); and Diet Coke with Lime (2004). Diet Coke is the number one diet soft drink in the country and the world, and third best-selling carbonated soft drink overall in the U.S. and the world (where in some countries it is called Coca-Cola Light).

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