July 27, 2009

Built to persuade

Gotta love these guy's techniques ...

"The art of selling an expensive watch" - The Wall Street Journal


Belle Epoque said...

It's an ego thing mostly...in a consumer society, it's all about "having" not "needing", and to "have not" is about equal to non-existence.

Brent said...

Great link...reminded me of this old article from the mid 1990's by social psycologist Anthony R. Pratkanis on "How To Sell A Pseudoscience." I don't know if you've ever seen this, if not have a look:


It's a great look into what he saw as being the most effective methods to turn ordinary folks into believers of just about anything... pretty much every single example + point he makes can be applied to clever salesmanship.
Anyhow, thx.

hidden persuader said...

Cheers Brent.