March 16, 2007

"Green consumption"

The food retail market is indeed quite dynamic and innovative (well of course).
Today the majority of the big supermarket chain stores compete with each other and try to differentiate from one another through 4 key-attributes: Price, Range, Convenience and Experience.

Whithin the range and experience attributes I read that Tesco is planning to introduce emission labels on its products in order to create a "low-carbon economy" and help combat climate change. I wonder, is this just pure PR strategy in order to create an eco-friendly image or is Tesco leading the way and showing people how to make a better and more intelligent consumption?

[Source: Guardian UK]


Marband said...

Could the answer be "both"?
Today companies are struggling to have a "green thinking license" because public opinion is centered on this issue.
But... who is setting the agenda?
And who could be doing that?
Could the agenda-setter be the future hidden-persuader?
(Does it make sense? Hope not...!)

Anonymous said...

Big Tesco is watching you!