November 03, 2006

"Varsity Match"

Client: Ticketmaster
Agency: Lowe

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Anonymous said...

There is a new word which is causing quite a stir in New Zealand, "starkish" defined as, 'anyone or anything exhibiting a sense of good proportion and taste.' According to Urban Dictionary proper use of the word include: "Wow, you're looking starkish tonight." "Snapped up someone Starkish yet?" "Yeah, she is really starkish."
Some believe it is a marketing campaign, which it could be a campaign to get the word in the english dictionary. However it doesn't look like someone in PR or advertising could do. Everyone seems to be using it and it's out in places like cafes, shops and restaurants! Even used on tv/radio, by bands, in newspapers and has a site dedicated to the debate about what it really is:
I'm still not entirely sure what it is for, but starkish is beginning to get a cult following in NZ! Check it out!