November 03, 2006

Does anyone watch TV?

Does anyone watch TV? This was one of the first thoughts that came to my mind after hearing the "Next Generation Insights" moderated by Guy Kawasaki.

It's not a novelty, we're tired of knowing from the tons of studies and reports that the so-called "Generation Y" or "Millennials" (pick a name) suffers from "compulsive connectivity" spending more time online and engaging with other types of interactive media\technology than watching TV.

Right, so what point am I trying to make out of this factual truth? Just state the obvious: In the future (not very far away) the agencys and advertisers will be producing commercial spots and branded content to use preferably on YouTube, iPod, Celular Phones, USB Pens, Portable Game Consoles, etc. This will be the only way to get this new generation of consumers to listen and get involved with what brands have to say to them.

The Advertising commercial will still be around for a while, but the connecting support and the way it's "transmitted" will change. It's just a question of adjustment.


mike said...

I think the adjustmet comes from creative agencies becoming content creators that might not be just ads. Creative and Production companies inhouse that can cater for all channels

I was reading a report from PWC a few months back and it stated business and entertainment content creators are key businesses to invest in.

The biggest beer company in the US has developed an inhouse TV production company. It knows the power of content in any form.

I loved Russell Davies point at the APG Big Thinking Seminar in the UK. That for some we will be able to work with a media budget of 0. As long as we have good content. I work in media and I still find that cool

Zack said...

I want youtube content (ads, weird stuff, video clips, everything) on my mobile and ipod, now!

Radovan Grežo said...

Persuader, I generaly enjoy your way of thinking and this site, but in this one you're a bit off target.

the TV ad will not as you say "still be around for a while" it will be here for much much longer, if not forever. just as books are here a century after cinematography made many predict their extinction.

btw, just a reminder: the much praised YouTube is just another way to transmit what is basically TV ads.

hidden persuader said...

:) when I pointed out that the "TV ad will still be around for a while" I was obviously being ironic. I'm not trying to kill the 30" TV commercial as predicted by some commentators on the trade press. What I was trying to state was the following: In order to reach and connect to this younger generations, the TV ad commercial will need to be replaced(and it will be) by the "Youtube ad commercial", the "iPod ad comercial", the "Mobile ad commercial" and so on ...the other mass-market brands, particularly FMCG will still find their core target seated in front of the TV screen. It's a question of channel adjustment.

Anonymous said...

"Far from far-fetched, technology is making interactivity between marketers and consumers very much a reality today, with some of the best-known brands around, including Sprint Wireless, Jeep, Land Rover, Absolut, Nike, Unilever's Dove and CBS Television, using functions like texting and technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to communicate their messages to an increasingly wireless world via mobile phones, PDAs, laptops and touch screens."