June 26, 2006

Automated agencies

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Sir Martin "Why Pay People" Sorrell, Mr.WPP in action at Cannes last week:

"I've often thought how much easier it would be to run an advertising agency if you could only get rid of the creative department."

"It's the world's very first fully-automated creative department. Account planners simply stuff their briefs into its backside -- on the left where the wires are -- and within seconds multimedia, fully integrated award-winning ads come fizzing out the front at 35 kilometers per hour."

"And since the world is suffering from a vast surplus of data, this means that from now on account planners will be very cheap to run, which naturally appeals to me a great deal."

[Via: Ad Age]


i work at ogilvy said...

"Creatives have no commercial sense" says he ahahahah bless him.

Scamp said...

And he wonders why his agencies don't produce much notable creative work...