January 11, 2006

IKEA: "It's Not A Mistake"

Title: "It's Not A Mistake"
Client: Ikea, Canada
Agency: ZiG, Toronto
Creative Directors: Elspeth Lynn, Lorraine Tao
Art Director: Allan Mah
Copywriter: Andrew Bradley
Agency Producer: Janet Woods
Director: Mark Gilbert
Production Company: Reginald Pike, Toronto


Johan H Ohlson said...

Nice Idea.
Too bad it's already been done :(

Charles McAdams said...

ooooh weeee, i've never heard anyone critique an ad with such insight in my life! Surely, Johan, you must be an accomplished creative with much too little time to offer anything more than the prerequisit "been done" comment.

I'm a student about to enter the biz and I've already profiled the type of low life nihilist-talking-heads that just say "been done, been done." If i see you at a party, I'll spill a beer on your head.

p.s. I hope you'll be wearing your cool leather biker jacket. That shit can't get wet. Yee haw!

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