October 21, 2005

Neil explains

Creative legend Neil French resigned from WPP Group this week, following comments he made at a public address in Toronto that women with families aren't as equipped as men to succeed in the advertising business.

What do you make of how the Toronto remarks have been interpreted?
It's death by blog, isn't it? You had to be there. I laugh a lot on stage and I say outrageous things, but people come to be entertained. They paid [$125] to sit there. If they wanted Martin Luther King, they went to the wrong gig. I'm well-known for being as outrageous as I can to make the point that I want to make. Advertising is hyperbole and I exercise hyperbole as much as I can, but I laugh when I'm doing it. You can't storyboard a smile, as somebody said.

[Source: Advertising Age | Ad-Rag]


long live the outrageous one said...

Neil, let them hate as long as their fear.

djangone said...

One of the postcard moments of my time in Asia was seeing Neil French in Emerald Hill #5 bar just off Orchard Road in 1993, seated with a very sweet Thai girl, aged between 14 and 18. This was I believe during his marriage to Linda Locke. I asked a Ball Partnership vet about it, and his reaction was to the effect that 'Neil is trying to work his way through the entire supply of Thai girls.'

So this brouhaha regarding his opinion of women is not surprising.

I've ceased paying attention to him. He was brilliant. He perfected the fine art of 'the fake ad that wins awards.' He held the torch for long copy. He was a bombastic lout of a Hemingway-philiac. He's also a non-entity since 1995, a vulgar booze-addled git and a sexual deviant. Enough of him. He hung himself by his own rope. Leave him swing and move on.

Mr. T said...

I've seen him entertaining an audience with his "bull-fight" collage video whilst he was getting all boozed. He's a politically incorrect character, he knows that and everybody knows it. So Gsus why this prudish recation? Especially from an industry like adverising!?

George Parker said...

Give me a break... He works in advertising. He's not painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel...
He's also the best fucking copywriter in the world... So get over your parochial jealousy.

djangone said...

Best copywriter? Hah! Right.

His best ads were fake. Show me a non-fake ad that can match his fakes. Please, I'd love to see it.

He's not half the writer Josh Denberg is, nor Tom Miller, nor Bruce Bildsten (not even a quarter of Bruce Bildsten), nor Doug Adkins...And he's not a sixteenth of the writer Jeff Goodby is.

He's a lot of smoke with a hard-on. Not worth even this much time.

Veronica said...

Time's up old men.