October 24, 2005

iPod VS Cellphones

Some of the reasons why the integration of the MP3 player capability in cellphones will be a future threat to current MP3 player handsets (such as the iPod, Creative, etc).

1. "Portable music players do not sell 750 million units every year. Mobile phones do."

2. "Portable music players are not replaced every two years on average. Mobile phones are."

3. "People will acquire MP3 player ability almost by accident, simply as they replace their phones."

4. "Even fanatical i-Pod users don't carry the player everywhere everyday, but they do carry their mobile phones."

5. "Mobile phones are subsidised in most markets. That means that in most markets where buyers have to pay full price for the i-Pod, they can have the somewhat inferior music player "for free" with their next phone upgrade."

[Source: Communities Dominate Brands | Via: PSFK]


MetalHen said...

Really true.

I´m just waiting Nokia brings to Venezuela a very good CDMA phone with all the gadgets and functionality ....

Or maybe I will change my phone company and get one GSM phone like de SonyEricson ;-)

Actually I want to get rid of my LifeDrive PDA and get a Phone with PDA, MP3player and Camera all in One (but I don´t like the Plam Treo ... so I´m waiting for some better phones).


Veronica said...

i do carry my ipod with me everyday everywhere i go. but i live in nyc where no one drives. it's my only source of commuting music.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hidden Persuader and readers

I have now posted an update to the iPod vs cellphones story from October. Some numbers have come in for 2005 that make for very revealing reading. Check out the blog entitled "Nails into the Coffin of the iPod" at my blogsite www.communities-dominate.blogs.com

Tomi T Ahonen
four time bestselling author and consultant
founding member Forum Oxford, Carnival of the Mobilists and the Engagement Alliance

kitsch said...

I also do carry my ipod always with me. The one thing I wouldn't give up on is the simple design and interface of the ipod. No phone other than iPhone currently offers such a clean interface for music, pix and vids. Even I, an anti-mac-fanatic and a dedicated but open-minded Mac user, do think that no phone currently has the ability to threat the future of iPod, in particular. Other mp3 players: Yes, phones are a big threat to them.
On the other hand, iPhone is definitely not a threat to the smart phone industry, and that would make another topic to discuss..