September 09, 2005

"Swiss knife" Cell phones

Video-calls, television, news online, email, MP3, pictures, radio, multimedia messages ... Apart from the "early adopters", curious geeks and executives, does the "mass market" really need or look for multi-features, special add-ons when buying a mobile phone?

"A recent In-Stat survey showed relatively little interest in new phone add-ons, such as video. Since most people upgrade their phone about every two years, they're looking for an easy-to-use device - not a pricey all-in-one (...) Still, cell phone companies persist with fancy phones. That's because: 1) Data is lucrative. 2) The market is huge."

[Source: USA Today | MobileTech News | Agenda News]


an angry portuguese creative said...

José Cabaço you make me puke. Just because you work for W+K (not because you're talented at all) you don't have the right to play the "I'm big shot" role and slag your former colleagues in Portugal. Yeah sorry, you're not Portuguese anymore, as you put on Shots. Thank God for your Mozambique roots, otherwise you wouldn't be ambitious enough to work hard and get a job outside Portugal in a big agency. We still haven't forgotten how you sold Leo Burnett's grand prix 2 years at Cannes. Maybe that explains why Mr. Dan Wieden invited you for his organization. This Shots article, is one of the most biased crap articles I've read in years.

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Anonymous said...

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