September 09, 2005

IKEA "Sleep better"

[Click to see it bigger]
IKEA "Sleep Well. Feel Better" | DDB Oslo


Anonymous said...

Dewd, check out 'Hans Brinkers Budget Hotel' in the search tool at There's a very simular campaign there. Very.

Mr. T said...

c'mon man; ok maybe the art direction is very similar but in Hans they're selling shags, fun and a wild time. Here they use the "before/after" to exploit the benefit of a good bed.

Anonymous said...

Its the same layout and idea in reverse as the Kesselkramer Hans brinker stuff. Sleep on an ikea bed and you look and feel great.
Stay at the Hans brinker and you don't sleep, so you look bad and feel worse.

Sorry DDB Oslo.

Anonymous said...

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