August 17, 2005

The question!

Why don't the ad agencies take advantage of the remedy they prescribe to their clients? This is the question Al Ries poses in a recent Ad Age article.

"The only industry in America that doesn't believe in advertising is the advertising industry itself. Because they don't do any.
Well, hardly any. And certainly nothing like the volume of advertising they convince their clients to spend."

John Hegarty for example believes that: "The biggest problem for advertising agencies is none of them act as brands."


Mark said...

The answer is simple:

All advertising advertises advertising.

W said...

yep but most of the times the hero is always the brand, the client. You (the common public) may see the ads, talk about them, etc. but they never ask whose ad agency was behind that really cool, funny, smart ... ad.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant creative work is the best form of promotion for any agency. That is if you have a client with the media $$$ to allow your great work to get coverage. New business comes to those that have good work.