May 08, 2004


After Image: Mind-altering Marketing, John Grant 2003

After Image refers to what comes after the brand imagery of traditional marketing. Brand imagery relates to mass communications, advertising through television and is increasingly less appropriate for today's marketing environment, let alone tomorrow's. John Grant (former planning director of St Lukes) has moved on some way from the ideas and hypotheses in his first book The New Marketing Manifesto and looks at the key elements impacting on brands today from different perspectives. The role of communications comes under intense scrutiny in the book. New brands use newer and evolving communications channels. The way in which they use communications indeed form part of the brand offer. Furthermore, they are often the channel that helps the consumer integrate with the brand. Media means offering an experience and that is a core brand element.

David Patton, European Vice President of Marketing, Sony PlayStation
‘Radical thinking that cuts across business as a whole. If you want to understand and connect with tomorrow's consumer, read this book.’

Lena Simonsen Berge, Marketing Director, IKEA North America
‘John Grant is like an amusement park for your brain. Instead of spouting simple answers, he takes you on breakneck curiosity rides.'

"In tune with the times" » John Grant's recent article in the FT Creative Business

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