November 26, 2003

Digestive Reading: "Strategic Advertising Management"

This new textbook deals with advertising from a strategic rather than simply a descriptive standpoint. Percy, Rossiter, and Elliott look first at what advertising is meant to do and then go on to provide an understanding of what is necessary in the development of effective advertising and promotion, using a number of extended case histories, such as: Volskwagen, Orange, Polaroid, Nike, Bacardi Breezer, Wonderbra, Kraft, BMW, Colgate, outros - o que o torna num manual extremamente prático. Recommended reading for Agency's Directors, Creative Directors, Planners or simply curious readers.

Table of Contents:
Part I: Overview of Advertising and Promotion (Strategic Advertising Management)
Part II: Planning Considerations (The Strategic Planning Process)
Part III: Laying the Foundation (Target Audience;Positioning Strategy)
Part IV: Making it Work (Creative Tactics;Creative Execution)

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