August 20, 2003


UK state-owned broadcaster, the BBC, has never carried paid advertising in its eighty-one years of existence – and that’s the way the majority of Britons want it to remain, reports a new study released this week by research publisher Key Note. Source: WARC

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Anonymous said...

I don't know where you get your study reports from but most people will tell you they are not happy about the tv license fee's especially of late due to the yearly price rise. The reason we pay these fees, are because the bbc don't advertise and i agree, it's up to the bbc if they use advertising or not. But, the public should be able to exclude the bbc channels from there viewing if they so required. Hence, not having to pay a yearly licence. Im sure if you asked the people that are earning millions of £££ by ramming these adverts down our tv's, they would love to advertise on prime time bbc! So, i don't know who you asked! maybe it was the bbc themselves, eh???
Annoyed by rip off britain.