August 23, 2003

Mintel retail intelligence 2003: "Teenage Shopping Habits"

> This study from Mintel took place in the UK, nevertheless most of the habits described below are common in the majority of the Western European countries.

Executive Summary:
a) Cooling economy may depress teenage income
b) Women wait longer to have first baby
c) Growth in one-parent families
d) Children becoming consumers early
e) Plenty to spend
f) Going out to work
g) Income of older teens boosted by jobs
h) Varied and more sophisticated consumerism for 15-19s
i) Massive shift in shopping habits across teenage years
j) Big diferences in shopping activity for girls and boys
k) Clothes shops are most popular destination
l) teenage girls have strong opinions about clothes
m) Girls slave to fashion but unhappy about the way they look
n) Teenagers are impulse buyers.