May 01, 2005


How to make a brand grow or become more appealing to a certain niche of consumers?
Answer: get a "contextualized partnership" with another brand and capitalize in the name, reputation and products of both.

"Co-branding" is not new, but currently the list of brands coupling seems endless: Fred Perry + Comme Des Garçons; Puma + Phillipe Starck; Adidas + Yohji Yamamoto; Motorola + Phat Farm; Mini + Puma; Adidas + Good Year; Phillips + Nivea; iPod+ BMW ...

DC Shoes and "The Spotted Pig", a gastro pub from NY (whose owners are Bono, Jay-Z and Mario Batali) seems to be the most recent co-branding partnership.

[Via: Fader]

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Anonymous said...

Swatch + Mercedes = smart. Co-branding = chain of value for both.