June 06, 2010

"Slice of life lessons"

Response from Pam Watt, a scrap merchant from Tunbridge Walls who sold a stake of their business for £6m, to John Hunt a Goldman Sachs banker who offered his services to manage Pam's new wealth:

"Thank you for your offer. The money you refer to is the product of years of hard work and taking risks. During those years banks were noticeable by their absence. I know you are mereley doing God's work, presumably the same God who showers us with tempest, flood and pestilence, but when we needed to raise capital you didn't seem to be around. Maybe we missed you. This money was made from graft and it belongs to industry. Maybe I'm being arrogant but we feel best placed to know where to invest it."

Via: The Sunday Times, "A sweeping no for Goldman banker"

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