May 05, 2009

What if ... ?

\\ What if Starbucks became a retail bank?//


Experience Marketing said...

If a bank can open a coffee shop (ING Direct) then a coffee shop can open a bank! If Starbucks provided the same brand experiences with its banking then I am sure it would be extremely successful. If a strong brand exists it doesn't really matter what the product or service is!

Beirut said...

It would be a weak, watery, pale imitation of the real thing for a customer base with no taste.

Luis Miranda said...

There's a similar idea with 7eleven in Japan, who has launch a cashmachine network 7bank.
It's a big leap for a convenient store although they keep the convenient brand value due the nature of the product(cashmachine 24/7).
Have a look to

Herbert said...

I think it would not interest me that much to bank with Starbucks.