August 24, 2008

"Food for thought"

"If 2006 was about user-generated content and 2007 about social media, then 2008 is about the conversation."
-- Paul Kemp-Robertson, editor Contagious


erin said...

did you attend the 2008 Account Planning Conference? It was all about initiating and holding a conversation. I didn't get to go but have been reading the takeaways at

Have you been reading anything about the conference on blogs? I haven't found too much coverage on the blogosphere...wondering what that means if the theme was conversation. :p

hidden persuader said...

No unfortunately I didn't go.
But so interesting to state that brands and marketers are now all talking about "conversation" between them and the consumers.

Basically the guys from "The Clue Train Manifesto" have said it all years ago: "All markets are conversations". The internet (2.0) and recent technology has just made it more tangible and possible.