February 01, 2008

One last click!

Client: Olympus
Agency: The Red Brick Road, Londres


Jay, writer MemberSpeed.com said...

How very apt for a title. One Last Click. But I suppose for some, it's worth the risk. I think Olympus did a really great job with this ad. I'm pretty sure a lot of adventure-seeking people out there are raring to give this tough camera a try. Feeding the market's imagination with something like the shark experience can be a little hard to resist.

Anonymous said...

Does the headline really need the ''At last, a...etc, etc"? Lines that began this way where passe in the 1980's. The quote is powerful enough.

Why does the art direction force us to make a detour after the first paragraph? Sloppy, repetitive writing tells us that this is a tough camera and, further on, it's called the Tough Camera.

The whole thing could have been pared down, honed and turned into something simpler.

In a Frank Lowe owned agency of the 70s and 80s it would have been. Not any longer.