February 26, 2008

"Food for thought"

"A brand exists in your mind. It's a collection of associations or feelings people have about a particular product, service, or an organization. Branding is the tangible process of creating the signals that generate these associations."
-- Allen Adamson, "BrandSimple"

This is an interesting tautolgy sometimes forgotten.

Indeed a strong brand is product of a good, effective and relevant (ideally) branding process, capable of triggering diferent but spontaneous associations in people's heads.

Ex: Apple = white + minimalist + apple logo + design + Mac + innovation + solutions + iPod + iPhone + iTunes + music + different from the herd + urban cool + Steve Jobs + "rule breaker" ...

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Julie, writer Surefirewealth.com said...

True. True. If you cannot evoke anything out of your customers or audience, then it is like saying that your product does not possess a brand at all. It does not have any personality or any element worth remembering. Unless there is such an association, your product will remain nameless and ignored by a good many. At least, that is my personal opinion.