January 10, 2008

"Mark Lives in IKEA"

We've already had a wedding inside IKEA, now we have Mark living in. One day perhaps we'll have a funeral or a birth. Who knows?


Jen, writer Membership Millionaire said...

I wish I could live in Ikea, too! I am a fan of their furniture. Okay, I love furniture in general but Ikea is top of the list. Of course, I live nowhere near the United States so... But it was pretty amusing to watch the videos and see the pictures of Mark's moving in. What a cool opportunity. I'm surprised Ikea agreed, actually. But that's a good thing.

sonya said...

I'm surprised they let him keep that little part where he says all his stuff is from IKEA anyways, and then breaks a drawer while opening it. Hmmm.

Swedish Balls said...

ahahahahaha they have sense of irony and honesty, something other brands lack.