November 23, 2007

"Modern life is rubbish"

I've read quite recently Euromonitor's report “The Fast Consumer”. Interesting stuff me thinks. No big news. In our modern and affluent societies we live on two constant modes: one hectic, of complete acceleration and another one of deceleration as a counterbalance result.

Stress, success subservience, lack of time, compulsive connectivity, urban caothic multi-tasked lifes are mixed up equally with the quest for more simplicity, switching of (enternaiment, cocooning, leisure activities), convenience and converge of solutions (functional and healthy foods, gadgets with multi-applications). So here you go, this is the real picture of the much celebrated 21st-century lifestyle. Well as far as I'm concerned, Mr. Damon Albarn was indeed right: “Modern life is rubbish”.

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jen_chan, writer said...

Unfortunately, this is the life we lead today. Some people actually crave for this whirly topsy-turvy lifestyle. Maybe it allows for a better appreciation of the more laidback life. On one hand, we have all the complexities of the world. On the other, we still have access to the simple and the relaxed.