September 06, 2007

"Kill the gun"

A strong and beautiful film from Choice FM in the UK.

"Gary Walker and Huw Williams, senior directors at AMV BBDO, said: Unlike Hollywood films, bullets don't leave perfectly clean symmetrical holes, they leave big gaping wounds in kids faces, bodies, arms and legs. If this little film makes just one kid think twice about picking up a gun, then it's a start."

[Source: Brand Republic]


Radovan Grežo said...

I beg to differ here.
The film is so beautiful and doesn't give you a climax. it's more likely a kid will be more interested in what would it really look like to shoot someone's head because all the other things looked just soooo amazing, than they'd go thinking "whoa, guns are bad".

Dr. House said...

True, but then you leave it to the kid's imagination. Me thinks it's more effective.