July 26, 2007

Marketing 2.0

"Marketing 2.0 – New Rules, Tools, Skills"

10 Conclusions:
Customers are becoming more powerful. They can draw comparisons.

2. The right content. Moral behaviour pays. People will no longer stand for being deprived on their rights.

3. Facilitate discoveries. People want to participate and not merely be the recipients of messages.

4. Facilitate conversation. Engage people in a dialogue.

5. Get people hooked. Useful information brings customers back again and again.

6. Grant recognition. Bonus programmes are made by machines for machines. People, however, want to get to know themselves. Self-esteem is more important than points.

7. Be motivational. "Customer loyalty" is one of the most abused terms of the past 20 years. Lower the barriers to entry, rather than raising them.

8. Shift happens. Creativity is migrating from the agencies to the customers.

9. Experiment. Without experiments there is no innovation.

10. Societing instead of marketing. Understand your customer, allow him to be involved. This creates trust.

[Source: David Bosshart, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute]

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