July 25, 2007

"The 12 Kinds of Ads"

Just like when you're working on a brand positioning you know that you can do it by «focusing on one specific attribute», «staking out a point on the price/quality relationship», «associating the brand with some particular usage», «disrupting the codes of the product class», «projecting the image of the user», «associating the brand with objects or symbols» ... there are 12 formats of how you can express a brand idea or point of view:

1) Demo

2) Need/Problem

3) Problem analogy

4) Comparison

5) Benefit illustration

6) Benefit causes story

7) Testimonial

8) Characters/Celebrity endorsement

9) Benefit analogy

10) User imagery

11) "Unique personality property"

12) Parody/Pop culture.

[Source: Slate | Via: Brazil Planning Group]


happy tuesday said...

Mixing some of this categories is much more interesting and creative.

Donald Gump said...

Where's «slice of life», my favorite?