May 29, 2007

Images that speak for themselves

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Client: Amnesty International
Agency: DDB Turkey


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Man, these are really powerful. Makes you feel uncomfortable...

Anonymous said...

Very good, I like the idea very much. Is difficult to justify the violence scenes in a social campaign because everybody think that its necessary to see people in the reality that exists. However, these kind of scenes has been made us so insensible after seeing that stuffe everyday in Youtube, etc... we see that as nothing.
When they ask just to click Play or Stop, nothing more, they ask us to reflect about an actitud that becomes in something so simple... but, I still ask: how its possible that the social campigns call peolpe to join them, to enter ins action, do something, how? say something to change isnt enought, we need to do somehthing else, something like this campaing is doing.

Alina Poulain