May 29, 2007

An ambushed Kleenex

Do you remember the recent "Go let it out" campaign from Kleenex, the one where people were invited to let their emotions out in exchange for a tissue?

Well Greenpeace also wanted to share and let the fact out that Kleenex is responsible for vast old-growth forest destruction in Northern Canada.


Andrea said...

haha, oh-uh, what a public slap to Kleenex and innovative ideas. I admit I had no clue about this since it's going on in the US but this is horrible indeed. I thought Greenpeace representatives were a tad eccentric but they're right here.

Anonymous said...

Greenpez, is looking less and less relevant as time passes. Trees are a renewable resource and in Canada for every tree that is cut they must plant 100. Sure they are cutting trees, but in 50 years the forests will be healthier and stronger than today. I´d rather watch them in their rubber zodiacs get run over by the fishing boats. Now thats entertaining.