August 22, 2006

A men's nightmare

"No Scruff" -- Here's an interesting creative concept; what would happen to Gillette's sales if all men adopted José Mourinho's 3day beardy look?

Solution: Create a movement where women tired of their boyfriend's prickly and scruffy faces, they too, start growing hair hmm ... in other parts of their bodies, as a way to prove their discontentment.

This viral (apparently launched by Gillette itself) has been online since May. For those who have never heard about it before, here's your here's your chance to see the films (amusing).

Post-scriptum: If your girlfriend started to grow jungle-airy armpits, would you shave every morning?



FishNChimps said...

but I love my women hairy

Anonymous said...

A lot of women love the cushioning effect of hair.