August 10, 2006

The enemy of virginity?

"A US study claims that teens whose iPods are full of music with sexual lyrics start having sex sooner than those who prefer other songs.

The study by the research outfit Rand, has apparently discovered that a lot of modern popular beat combos release tunes with sexual lyrics.

When installed in an iPod these influence teen behaviour, the study claimed. If a teen listens to music where men are depicted as "sex-driven studs" and women are sex objects, the tunes are more likely to trigger early sexual behaviour, such as premarital hand-holding and pecks on the cheek."

"Whishful thinking" cause-effect?
Well, I remember myself listening while a teenager to the theme "Relax don't do it" from Frankie Goes to Hollywood and as far as I'm concerned it didn't affect my libido.

[Source: Inquirer | Via: Gizmodo]

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