July 17, 2006

A problem of "connections"

Across our "global village" it's starting to become quite common to see brand managers and marketers asking themselves what's the best way to reach the younger audiences, in order to create early bonds and get their pocket-money.

In my modest opinion, more than ever it's not a question of "content" or brand message, it's a question of "connections".

Here's some of the online spaces and habitats where the so-called "Geration Y" lives and breaths on a daily basis:

:: MySpace
:: Fuse TV
:: YouTube
:: Hi5
:: Friendster
:: Pandora
:: Last.fm
:: Current TV
:: Turn Here
:: Hype Machine
:: Pop Justice
:: Viceland
:: The Fader
:: Protein
:: Flickr


Borj said...

Hi Dude,
Really nice blog.
I'd include also fotolog in your list.
Visit www.fotolog.com/converse and you'll see it.

Anonymous said...

list has some top ones but a bunch that are fading fast or were all hype and no numbers.