April 26, 2006

Serge tells the truth

Serge tells the truth to Whitney.

It's quite interesting to see how a disarming honest proposition can generate tremendous surprise and impact. Imagine if an advertiser told the consumer he's only after his money, but to do so ... he would need to deserve the consumer's money and do better than the rest of the competition.

How would the audiences react? Would the cynical consumer be caught off guard? Is honesty an effective tool capable of creating spontaneous surprise and good-will towards a brand?


Anonymous said...

ahahahah disarming honest proposition, I luv Whitney's shocking face. Yes work sometimes.

Scamp said...

The current Tesco campaign in the UK is honest about wanting your business.

I guess Avis "We're number 2" would be another example.

And they did it without obscenity!

fernanda said...

I also love the authenticity of a brand making fun of itself, like Microsoft did with the ipod video. It sounds more honest than pretending they are something different than they really are.