April 02, 2006

Ruminations ...

"(Brands) They establish contact with the subconscious of the consumer below the word level. They do this with visual symbols instead of words ... They communicate faster. They are more direct. There is no work, no mental effort. Their sole purpose is to create images and moods." - Rosser Reeves, Reality in Advertising, 1961.

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Talking about Rosser Reeves, its famous Unique Selling Proposition and the fact that brands nowdays are turning into "me-toos" at an incredible pace:

"What is the USP for Coke or Pepsi? Their advertising has become their USP."
- Bob Barrie, Fallon Minneapolis

"I don't believe you sell anyone anything; instead you make them want to buy. Most of the time there isn't a USP, so giving brands a personality is extremelly importante now."
- Ron Mather, Grey Advertising

"I don't think you need to offer a rational benefit. I think you need to offer a benefit a rational person can understand."
- Gary Goldsmith, Lowe Worldwide

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