December 19, 2005

Virgin "Xmas Miracle"

Virgin Mobile: "Reindeer" | Agency: Lowe Roche
Director: The Perlorian Brothers | Production: Reginald Pike

"Being a Teenager Today"
When it comes to holiday gift-giving, youths can often find it difficult to express their feelings. In this new campaign for Virgin Mobile, directed by the Perlorian Brothers, we learn how a couple of troubled teens discover the true meaning of the holiday spirit. What appears at first to be a Christmas catastrophe ends up, through the magic of some very special effects, being the most special day ever. It truly is a miracle, a Virgin Mobile Miracle.


meh said...

just terrible ... sorry!

Cheryl said...

I can't *stand* these ads... (though they do succeed in that I remember the product) and if those are supposed to be teens then I am obviously a septugenarian!!

ana said...