September 01, 2005

Neil French

"The answer to making an ad is always in the product, if you look for it. Our task is not just to find that answer though - it's to make the answer relevant to someone who, at present, doesn't give a shit about it. So first I look at the product and deconstruct it ... what Robin Wight used to call 'interrogating it until it confesses to its strenghts'."

[Source: "The Way I see it", Shots Magazine 90, Set 2005]


Deth said...

Neil French. Hmm. Some hails him as the best copywriter among those alive, by virtue of the awards he won.

I have always thought he ran a personal crusade for ad copy. From his ads of "Nobody reads long copy anymore. Here's why." to "Don't bother to read this ad. The picture's missing". It's like he has a disdain for visual-dominant ads of nowadays.

Funny. He was the one who started it. Ad-reductionism was his call. People kept to it. They cut the elements to 2 these days. Visual and logo.

Well, I've seen a similar stunt in Jurrasic Park. Big bad T-rex pees around his sleeping spot to demarcate his territory.

In my mind, it's something like this. "Sure you can write. But if you are not doing it as well as I am, then piss off. Go do some visual joke thing. Get out. Leave the words alone."

Which makes it a great time to live in. Nobody writes anymore, so kudos to the remaining dinos who craft with a pen. And big bucks too.

Thanks Neil. You rock. One way or the other. All the way to the bank.

Me? I'll stick with Bill if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Frenchie u rock, u fockin'geezer. Great that Sir Martin pays for your bohemian "I don't give a toss" style. Long live your liver and your bank account. PS - where can i get a copy of your earlier porn videos?

Lyle Shemer said...

"Kudos to the remaining dinos who craft with a pen. And big bucks too."


I'd love to find an agency that'd pay me more simply for the fact that I'm a writer who can actually write!

Anonymous said...

Neil, you just gotta love him.

Mike said...

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Anonymous said...

Blah Blah Blah, if your so good at writing, write a book or a film. I'm sick of people talking in circles and making advertising sound like something people give a shit about.
Your only trying to justify it to yourselves.

Ryan said...

It's amazing how often something so simple is missed.

And Anyonymous, some of the most talented writers of our day work or worked in advertising. The medium is not what makes a good writer - it's the words that come out of their pen.