September 08, 2005


The Smart Networker:
"That individual who embodies the person-centered values of the counterculture and the skill to use the new tools to express him or herself in a hundred different ways in the suddenly accessible public sphere.

Smart networkers seem driven to express, to take on do-it-yourself projects, to advise others about everything from good products to good health. They cultivate a host of public identities, equally at ease with podcasting their favorite tunes and their favorite religious messages."

[Source: Institute for the Future, "2005 Ten-Year Forecast"]


Lyle said...

This article must be talking about those shameless bloggers and message forum participants who make sure they attach their website addresses to their posts in the hopes that they generate traffic to their OWN sites, whereby they are able to show off their esoteric knowledge of fine wines and creative skills...

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