September 14, 2005

"Advertising Works" Compendium

"The most effective campaigns from the first 25 years of the IPA Effectiveness Awards"

Table of contents:
1. Foreword (John Bartle)
2. Introduction (Laurence Green)
3. Grand prix winners 1980-2004
4. The Client View (Niall FitzGerald, Chairman, Reuters)
5. 25 Years of Advertising Works (Laurence Green, Fallon)
6. The Value of Advertising Agencies (Tim Broadbent, BrandCon)
7. A True Story (Paul Feldwick, DDB)
8. Back to our Roots (Will Collin, Naked)
9. How to launch into an established market (Malcolm White, Executive Planning Director, Euro RSCG)
10. How to profitably revitalise your brand (Richard Warren, Director of Strategy, DLKW)
11. How to defy commoditisation in your category (Richard Storey,
12. How to profitably add value to your product (Neil Dawson, Executive Planning Director, TBWA)
13. How to use branding to orientate your organization (David Golding, Planning Director, RKCR)
14. How to profitably influence the size of your market (Guy Murphy, Deputy Chairman, BBH)

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