July 24, 2005

"Pick Me"

"Pick Me" ----- is one of the most recent publications from the prestigious Adweek series.

It's written by Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk (Chief Creative Officers at Ogilvy Toronto a.k.a. Ask Jancy from the website "I Have an Idea").

"Pick me" includes contributions written by 12 industry pros including Neil French, Bob Scarpelli, Mike Hughes, Chuck Porter, David Droga and others.

One of the greatest strenghts and interesting things in this book is the diversity of subjects and index themes: "What's a good ad anyway?"; "Portfolio preparation"; "Awards. Yes, they matter"; "Brainstorming techniques"; "Account executives: They're people, too" ...

(this later chapter sounds promising!!)

"Pick Me" will be out on sale on September.

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Anonymous said...

Not only did they get Neil French to appear in their book. but Jancy and ihaveanidea are getting Neil French to come to Toronto, Canada this October. Check out "A Night With Neil French" at www.ihaveanidea.org