April 01, 2005

"Weblogs Are Here to Stay"

Blogs, blogs ... and blogs, again.

The Wharton Business School, published an interesting article about the present weblog's communicational phenomenon, its role and business oportunies.

Here's a quick summary of the author's conclusion:

"Companies can use bloggers to put a more human face on interactions with employees and customers; marketers can create buzz through blogs; and bloggers can act as fact checkers for the mainstream media."


adland said...

Blogs are often fake as well (as opposed to the human face), marketers can dupe the blogs or get the buzz blown back in their face, and bloggers can act as lie-spreaders for the mainstream news too.

Nothing new under the sun.

pretty Lyla said...

It's true very true. Nevertheless people can spot if the message and what's behind the bloggers' motivation is authentic or not. About brands using blog as a buzz-media: BBH, NY did it for the X.box (if I'm not in mistake); CP+B did it for Mini Cooper robots campaign ... but these were genuine, they were having fun with it, people that visited those web places knew what was going on so ... But I agree with you, it really pisses me of when big corporate execs suddenly and hyped by the blogging buzz start manipulating reviews and feedback on their brands and products. And then, yes because the "consumer is not stupid, she's your wife" that fabricated buzz will blown in their face. Oh yeahhhhh