October 15, 2004


A quick summary of thoughts and quotes of David Lubars (new CD at BBDO NY), Alex Bugosky and others whose views appeared in NY Metro.

"ad agencies are currently overwhelmed with the suspicion that the language of contemporary ads, the catchy tagline, the celebrity put in a funny situation, the twist ending, even the TV commercial itself doesn't work like it used to."

"How am I supposed to communicate with someone who is used to writing 'I wnt2cu' - asks noted adman Jerry Della"

"BBDO, on the other hand, looks, as Gerry Graf puts it, like an insurance company."

PSFK dixit:
"David Lubars now Creative Director at BBDO describes key issues that advertising will have to address to overcome the future."

: The habit for advertising to be untrue, hackneyed, unconvincing, obvious.

'Consumer attentions': No one watches the telly but 11 million watch subservient chicken. Why? How?

'Sophistication': Customers want truth not bullshit.

'Creating lifelong partnerships': You get married and make promises to each other.

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