September 16, 2004


"Oh Phil, your timing couldn't be better. On the eve of our Blackspot sneaker launch, you try to commodify the meaning of "peace" with your John Lennon All Star Peace Chuck. (If you didn't know, Converse is now owned by Nike.) So, as Lennon rolls in his grave, we're emboldened with a renewed sense of purpose: to reclaim our culture from corpo mindfuckers like you.

Enter the world's first global anti-brand: the Blackspot sneaker."

"The proposed shoe was essentially a black Converse Chuck Taylor All Star low-top with its traditional logo replaced by a circular smudge and a black spot stamped on the sole as visual representation of the antibrand."

"With the launch of the Black Spot sneaker, anti-globalisation activists are entering the sports-shoe business. Their mission: to beat Nike at its own game. Can they succeed without betraying their radical ideals?"

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