January 12, 2004

Wallpaper founder sells “swissness” to the Swiss

Interesting article on the role that Tyler Brûlé (CEO and founder Wallpaper) and its agency Winkreative had on the branding of Swiss - the new national carrier that has succeeded the collapsed Swissair. Check article: "Swiss Brand"

"Established in 1998, Winkreative was founded by Tyler Brûlé, CEO and founder of the Wallpaper* Group, who recognised a gap in the market for an ‘intelligence-based’ creative agency. Winkreative offers a complete range of creative services for quality brands in a range of disciplines, including advertising, intelligence, packaging, retail design, custom publishing, design and art direction, brand development, identity branding and web design. Past and present clients include SWISS International Airlines, Bally, Villa Moda, Prada, Stella McCartney, Pottery Barn, Selfridges, RJ Reynolds, Moncler, Boeing, Pringle, The Somerset House Trust and Adidas."

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