December 16, 2003

Digestive Reading: "The Copy Book"

The Copy Book: How 32 of the Worlds Best Advertising Writers Write Their Copy. The writers in this book are excellent. That may go without saying. But what really makes this book stand out is how each writer has liberated their own section of the book. It's amazing, that when asked the same question: "How do you write your copy", each came up with a completely different answer. Ed McCabe's writing is especially insightful. It makes me wonder if people with this much talent should have graduated making movies. The book was published by a British Art Directors group, so feel reassured, people of copy, people of art appreciate your laboured yet witty long copy ads.

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Kunal Trivedi ( said...

You made me crave for more. I can't sleep. I'm desperately looking for this book and can't get it anywhere. How can you help me?