September 26, 2003

The Quiz Show: Jorge Teixeira


1) Jorge worked in some of the most creative agencies in Portugal and participated in the creation of greta ad campaigns of the recent history of the Portuguese advertising (Telecel, Optimus). Therefore, when is it that Euro RCSG is going to be perceived as a good creative agency? What measures are being taken?
A: Euro RSCG is today, the biggest agency in the country, the first in the national ranking, the agency with more clients, with more visible work out on the streets and the agency that won more customers recently. All this makes Euro RSCG a good agency. Not a great agency! But the agency's growth did not make our work less focused: we hire people during recessive times, we invest on difficult times, we are envied by the our success during quiet times. For all this reasons, we are a better agency, much better than we were 2 years ago. We have more creative people and we have will power to make things happen.

2) What does an ad agency needs to become nr. 1?
A: I've got to say something that nobody will believe: Work. Blacht, That ugly word? That old-fashioned idea?

3) What's worse: to copy an ad concept or make a "ghost" ad (an ad that is not paid by the client or follows a brief orientation)?
A: Copying a concept is the greatest crime, as far as I'm concerned. It's the capital sin. It kills the creative person. To copy a concept you only need to sign Shots, to watch the cable channels, to take a photocopy of an Archive page. To copy is to kill the advertising business, is to kill the market and to kill the brands. On the other hand, when your create something new you're communicating for differentiation, you're helping building a brand character. In comparison with copied concepts, making ad ghosts is something innocent. Useless, but innocent.

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