September 04, 2003

On Branding ...

Check out the number 7/8 (volume 37) of the European Jornal of Marketing > where the theme is "Corporate and service brands".

These are the themes/articles published on these issue of the European Jornal of Marketing:
> "Corporate brands: what are they? What of them?" (John M.T. Balmer; Edmund R Gray);
> "The six conventions of corporate branding" (Simon Knox; David Bickerton);
> "Core value-based corporate brand building" (Mats Urde);
> "Bringing the corporation into corporate branding" (Mary Jo Hatch; Majken Schultz);
> "Corporate branding in the new economy" (Shirley Leitch; Neil Richardson);
> "Equity in corporate co-branding: The case of adidas and the All Blacks" (Judy Motion; Shirley Leitch; Roderick J Brodie);
> "The criteria for successful services brands" (Leslie de Chernatony; Susan Segal-Horn);
> "Experienced reality: The development of corporate identity in the digital era" (Alan Topalian);
> "Corporate branding - back to basics" (David Bernstein).

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